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Slew Footers is a Pittsburgh Sports Blog contributed to by James Conley, John Friend, Evan Mulgrave, Jimmy Morocco, Jake Meissner, and BJ Zagorac. We like to cover Pittsburgh sports with an eye on halfway legitimate journalism.

Feel free to correct grammar and spelling errors at our pathetic expense.

We aren’t the model of timeliness (Twitter is your best bet), so we do our best to bring the heat with longform analysis and commentary. We maintain pretty regular coverage of the big three clubs and also maintain a few commentary series’ which allow us an avenue to be even more defamatory and inaccurate.

Be sure to check out Slewcast, our weekly (or so) podcast covering Pittsburgh Sports and other nonsense we find to be funny or insulting.

The Team

James Conley is the creator of Slew Footers and the anchor that will inevitably drag it to the bottom of the internet ocean. He writes about the Penguins and shamelessly copy-pastes his work from The Hockey Writers and Bleacher Report to Slew Footers. Writing grad, whatever. Archive of James’ libel can be found here.

John Friend is Slew Footers’ main source of Pittsburgh Pirates information and optimism. John joined the site earlier this year and has been by far the most active promoter and supporter of the site. He also covers the Steelers and Penguins on occasion, and is the voice of Pirates and Steelers talk on SlewCast. His archive is here.

Jimmy Morocco joined Slew Footers in Summer 2011 and immediately established himself as the most timely, detail-oriented member of the site, and thus unfit to continue writing for this two-bit operation. His Pirates insight is tremendous and on par with anyone around. You can find his stories here.

Jake Meissner exclusively covers the Steelers, offering game day posts and the occasional commentary piece. He is the subject of many podcast conversations, but is yet to attend a recording. Jake’s stories can be found here.

BJ Zagorac contributes periodic hockey coverage when he’s not being kicked out of the Slippery Rock library for destroying card catalogues and committing various others offenses of vandalism. His hockey musings and Tim Teboner can be found here.

 Evan Mulgrave is the voice of the Slew Footers Podcast and the author of The Gravey Train, a column which reminds us to not take sports too seriously and that we are all garbage. His worthless opinions can be found here.

If you would like to contact us in search of freelance work, advertising opportunities or a writing position at Slew, reach James at [email protected].

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All of this is done on the fly. We’re having fun and, quite honestly, aren’t very good at this sort of thing.

Your comments are appreciated, if not demanded.

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About the Author

James is a graduate of Pitt with a degree in writing. He follows the Penguins and NHL semi-compulsively and is only moderately proficient with the English language. He is personally unpleasant. Berate him on Twitter @Slew_James