Rivalry Day in Pittsburgh—Why we Love Sports

In this column, I plan on highlighting a specific individual, team, city, etc. and explaining to the public on why they are awesome, or not awesome.  This week’s short commentary will be about how we should enjoy watching the Steelers and Penguins play their rivals in prime time tonight.

The Penguins and Steelers play their two longest-tenured rivals tonight in prime time.  The Penguins face off against a tough Philadelphia Flyers team as the Steelers get ready to face a lowly Cleveland Browns team.  It is very rare that the Penguins and Steelers both play on the same night, let alone play their rivals on the same night in prime time.

Although it doesn’t happen often, it did just a year ago.  December 23, 2010 was the last time both teams played on the same night, as the Penguins played the Washington Capitals and the Steelers played the Carolina Panthers.  It was one of the most intriguing nights of local sports in a long time.  The Steelers beat up on the Panthers 27-3 and the Penguins won 3-2 in a shootout, but deciding on how to watch it was even more intriguing.

The Steelers were in the middle of a playoff race, facing a two win Panthers team and the Penguins had just won 14 out of their last 16 games heading into the Capitals match. Do I watch the Steelers?  They are in the middle of a playoff race.  Do I watch the Penguins?  For the first time all season, they play Ovechkin and the Capitals.

So what does such a diligent fan as myself decide?  Simply watch both.  Primantis is always a good choice.  Nights like this simply do not come around often, both of your teams on prime time television.  Oh and not to mention both of them are winning!  The spoiled get more spoiled in this town.

These games can provide opportunities for many shenanigans as well.  For example, last year if the Steelers and Penguins both scored within 10 seconds of each other, a friend of mine had to buy drinks for everyone.  This added a whole other level to the night, however it came close but never happened.

Good thing that after Pascal Dupuis scored the game winning goal in the shootout, that person ended up buying eight drinks for everyone anyways.  One of the best sporting nights in recent memory.  The moral of that story is to be with friends that enjoy booze and spending money.

That was just my story, and there are many other ways to take in such an evening packed with sports.  So however you decide to view Jagr’s first game against the Pens in a Flyers uniform, while attempting to watch the Steelers kick the Browns tails is up to you.  But make sure while doing so, you appreciate Thursday December 8th, 2011 because not many cities have two winners taking center stage in one night against their rivals.

Well I am done with my little commentary, but my message to all of Pittsburgh is, enjoy tonight cause it doesn’t get much better for a Thursday night in December.  Below is a compilation of awesome videos/songs hating on the two cities we love to hate.  Cleveland and Philly.  The new DVE song about Jaromir Jagr is simply classic, but the Cleveland Tourism videos are just epic.

Don’t forget to check out Jake’s preview for the Clowns, I mean Browns game tonight here. Week 14 Preview:  Bring in the Clowns, Browns

Penguins @ Flyers- 7:00pm-NHL Network, ROOT

Steelers vs Browns- 8:20pm- NFL Network, KDKA

Jagr Is a Douche-WDVE

Cleveland Tourism Video 1

James Harrison Does Not Care

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